DialVison Instant 20/20 Adjustable Glasses

DialVison Instant 20/20 Adjustable Glasses

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Instant 20/20, Dial Vision adjustable glasses you dial-in for to see better instantly! When you are in a bind and need to see, you need Instant 20/20. You adjust them and dial them in just the way you need them When you need to see clearly in any situation you need Instant 20/20.

Your regular glasses can get lost, break or your prescription can change over time, resulting in a expensive trips to the optometrist! Dial Vision are the world’s first glasses you adjust to give you perfect clear vision. You can move the dial to adjust the lenses until your prescription is matched perfectly. You can even adjust them to become reading glasses! These glasses have flexible frames and that won’t break easily, plus they have adjustable nose bridges for that comfortable fit.

  • INSTANTLY CONTROL FOCUS – A small dial allows you to continuously adjust the prescription and magnification of each individual lens – stay where you are while still seeing sharp and clear
  • CLEAR LENSES & BLACK FRAME – Durable + lightweight construction – flexible frame with shatter proof + impact resistant polycarbonate lenses – frame size 49-22-141 – safety compliant – no tools needed
  • INTERFACE GLASSES – One pair for computer – reading – hobbies – watching TV – day or night driving – no need for cheaters readers + boomers – keep at desk – by work bench – use as back up spectacles
  • Adjustable for near or far sighted



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