Flower Stitch Sewing Foot

Flower Stitch Sewing Foot

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The foot is the flower girl of the sewing accessory world, allowing you to sprinkle pretty posies over any project. What a fun and easy way to add little decorative stitch touches in pretty thread colors! 

What Does The Flower Stitch Foot Do?

The flower stitch foot adjusts to give you small, medium, and large options for each recommended stitch pattern. You can even combine patterns to create your own unique designs made up of concentric circles. It can also be used to create eyelets.

Setting up the machine

1. Raise the needle and presser foot and remove the foot holder and standard presser foot. 
2. Thread the needle and bobbin.
3. Place the flower stitch foot in position. Make sure the Raising Lever sits above the needle clamp.
4. Use a screw driver to tighten both the thumb screw and then needle set screw to prevent them from loosening while the attachment is working. 
5. Drop the feed dogs.
6. Reduce presser foot pressure to 3 and set the thread tension to 1 - 3
7. Adjust the stitch width to no more than 5mm. As shown below, you should try some test samples to review all the options you can achieve by varying the stitch itself as well as the stitch width. 

8. Loosen the back screw on the attachment (the screw that sits horizontally) to move the disc right and left between the –and +marks embossed on the disc itself. This movement left and right determines the size of the flower. When set to your chosen position, re-tighten the screw.



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